Strategic Marketing & Sales (Building Revenue)

Selling and marketing complex goods and services is a critical factor to business success.

  • Does your organization have the appropriate skill-sets?
  • Do you have a methodology for helping your prospects quantify the value of your services?
  • Does your literature constantly mention your company’s name and how good “we” are as opposed to focusing on the prospect’s problems?
  • Do your sales tracking and account penetration strategies take into account the key technical influencers and non-economic buyers?
  • Do you analyze the political and emotional reasons for resistance to your service, as well as the rational reasons?
  • Do you know the top 5 objections to your product/service?
  • Do you have responses for them - which all employees know?
  • More importantly have you worked into your sales and marketing process messages that will pre-empt these objections?


What some of our clients have said:

"The workshop far exceeded my expectations.  We uncovered many more avenues for growth than I anticipated.  This will go a long way towards improving our % of revenue from new products" – President & CEO, Thai Subsidiary Multinational Consumer Products Company (Thailand) 

"Your work has allowed us to understand our business better and will lead to increased profit margins" –President, US Division of a RadioPharmaceutical Company (US) 


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